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  • Lessons :12
  • Length :1 Months
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What is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD, a 2D and 3D computer-aided drafting software application developed and marketed by AUTODESK is utilized in the design, construction, and manufacturing to assist with the preparation of blueprints and alternative engineering plans. Professionals who use AutoCAD are known as the draftsman.

AutoCAD course is divided into 2 categories:

Basic & intermediate course for beginners/professionals Advanced 3D course for Industrial professional’s/Faculty person


AutoCAD 2D software for 2D drafting helps you alter and develop drawings as well as imagined or planned designs. Drafters utilize the tools provided to draw technical floor plans for buildings, permit drawings, inspection plans and also layouts as well. With the help of AutoCAD, one can without much of a stretch develop drawings without the help of stencils and technical drawing instruments. One can easily draw site plans, planned concepts, technical drawings. Precise drawings can be sketched with the precision of AutoCAD. Can be collaborated with your colleagues when they are utilizing other Autodesk products. You can create | send | receive data files when using the .dwg format standardized by AutoCAD


AutoCAD 3D is the advanced version and also the most fun to work with; it is in this section of AutoCAD that the individual can create and alter 3D drawings or develop 3D drawings with the help of 2D sketches using the extrude tool. With the wide variety of tools leveraged to the individual in the 3D platform; the individual can create almost anything from a pencil, bottle, mouse, a pipe to even a car tire, a boat, a house or even a palace, the range is endless. With our AutoCAD training, the student of the professional registering for this course will be able to design such symmetries and also more envisioned by them. Our AutoCAD training is a perfect way to gain and develop your drafting skills to create and edit/alter numerous drafting and modeling concepts based on engineering, architecture design etc. It is one of the easiest software to use. Any individual with the right knowledge will be able to design accurate plans and sections and more.


Accuracy and productivity With our AutoCAD training students and professionals will work with their maximum speed and capability via the help of the tools and features provided by AutoCAD mainly “Drafting”.

Collaborative Community

It is one of the used software among civil engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and more. Thus when an architectural design is created in AutoCAD whether it is 2D or 3D it can be shared with others for electrical systems, plumbing systems. Ventilation plans and more.

Standard is Industrial

The formats in AutoCAD given for example (.dwg and .dxf) are industrial standard meaning the exchange of drawings between professionals for further editing or finalizing is swimmingly possible.


Student after the completion of AutoCAD training will have job opportunities in the following designations:.

  •   Design engineer(Mechanical/Electrical/Civil)
  •   Draftsman(Mechanical/Electrical/Civil)
  •   AutoCAD operator