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  • Price :Ask On Call
  • Lessons :18
  • Duration :4 Hours/Day
  • Level :Basic
  • Category :Hardware

Input Devices, Controllers & Output Devices

You will learn about the Principle, Types and Features of the different components like Credentials, Input devices, Controllers and Output Devices that make up an Access Control System.


  •  Introduction to input devices
  •  Coded Keypads
  •  Card Based input devices like magnetic, Wiegand, smart cards etc.
  •  Input devices for Non Contact credentials
  •  Biometrics systems like finger, iris, voice, hand etc.
  •  Different input sensors like alarms, audio, switches etc.
  •  Principle, Features and uses for each device
  •  Introduction
  •  Single Door controllers
  •  Multi Door controllers
  •  Power Supply for controllers
  •  Wiring Techniques
  •  Introduction to output devices
  •  Relays and locks
  •  Warning Lamps
  •  Alarms
  •  Barriers and gates
  •  Types, Features and uses for each device